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We'll Take the Bite Out of Your Dental Care

How We Accommodate YouFamily Dentist in Bradenton, FL

Lockwood Commons Dental Care offers several services to handle both routine and intensive dental needs.

Family Dentistry

We work with patients of all ages from toddlers to adults. Our experienced team has the knowledge to work with kids to make their first dentist appointment a positive one, and continue to work with them to provide education on proper brushing and flossing techniques, plus much more. We work with older kids who may need braces and can provide referrals as needed. When you make Lockwood Commons your dental office, your whole family’s needs will be met in one convenient location.

Care Credit

For more extensive dental services that are still costly with dental insurance, we offer and accept Care Credit. Care Credit is a nationwide dental and medical credit company that provides financing for any procedure. They have promotional periods varying in length depending on the cost of the services, and that’s the amount of time you have to pay off the full balance. Learn more about Care Credit on their website: http://www.carecredit.com

Preventative Dentistry

We provide preventative dentistry services, including cleanings, exams, x-rays as needed, and enamel sealing treatments. It is recommended that you visit the dentist every six months—we can schedule these appointments ahead of time as part of your preventative care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Bradenton area dental office offers cosmetic dentistry services to make your teeth look their best. We specialize in Smile Makeovers, which can be customized to include everything from whitening the enamel to straightening teeth, fixing chips, or putting in implants to replace missing teeth. We also offer in-office and take home whitening options to remove stains and yellowing. We use Sinsational Smile whitening products, which completes the whitening process in 20 minutes. Learn more on their website: http://www.sinsationalsmile.com

Crowns & Bridges

Lockwood Commons Dental Care also provides crowns and bridges to protect and fill in gaps in your teeth. Crowns are often applied after a cavity filling or root canal, which completely covers the tooth in a protective shell. Bridges have a connector piece and a tooth implant that goes in between two teeth where one is missing. Bridges prevent spacing issues and restore your smile after an extraction.


We also provide full and partial dentures to restore your smile after a few, several or all of your teeth have been extracted. Dentures are made to fit your jaw and gums precisely so you can eat the foods you enjoy and speak clearly without any concerns.

Root Canals

For decayed teeth that require more than a filling, a root canal is performed to clean out the bacteria and deaden the root to ease pain. The tooth is then covered with a crown to protect the tooth and preserve it.

Periodontal Therapy

We offer non-surgical periodontal therapy to remove bacteria and stop the progress of periodontal disease. Some of the techniques we use include scaling and root planing, antimicrobial and host modulation, and tray delivery systems. The tray delivery systems can be used at home and distribute medication to treat gum disease.


When there is no fitting alternative, Lockwood Commons Dental Care provides tooth extractions to remove the decayed or damaged tooth. We often use nitrous oxide or laughing gas during this procedure so that you don’t feel it when the tooth is removed. This is one process that is done with oral sedation dentistry, along with other procedures for those who have anxiety about dental work.

Minor Orthodontics

While major orthodontic work requires a referral, we do provide minor orthodontics in our office. This includes completing post braces care such as the use of a retainer, straightening a few teeth, or removing crowded teeth. We also offer Minor Tooth Movement Clear aligners as a braces alternative. Learn more about this appliance on their website. http://www.mtmclearaligner.com/


Our dentists also provide implants for one or several teeth. These include porcelain veneers for the surface of teeth and full tooth implants for missing teeth. We custom make every implant to fit your gums and jaw.

Mercury Free Fillings

While dental filling used to be dark metal and obvious, today’s dental technology uses mercury free, tooth colored fillings. These fillings last longer and are nearly invisible in your mouth—no one will know you have the filling. We can treat a cavity in any of your teeth with this process, which is virtually pain-free.

Complimentary 2nd Opinion

If you’ve gone to another dentist office and felt you didn’t get the answers you needed, Lockwood Commons Dental Care provides complimentary 2nd opinions. We look at the recommendations made by the other dentist and either confirm them, expand on the information, or come up with an alternative to what they suggested.